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Agriculture Careers

Work in the agriculture industry may involve; cultivating land, and planting, caring for and harvesting crops, the care and management of farm animals to efficiently produce milk, meat and/or fibre, science and research, business management and contracting services to farmers.
Agricultural Pilot
Agricultural pilots fly aircraft to apply agricultural chemicals or fertiliser to farm land.
Agricultural/Horticultural Scientist
Agricultural/horticultural scientists study farm animals, soils, pastures and crops to improve their yield, health and quality, and to prevent pests and disease.
Artificial Breeding Technician
Artificial breeding technicians artificially inseminate livestock.
Beekeepers look after beehives in apiaries and produce honey, wax, pollen and other products for sale to the public. Beekeepers also provide pollination services to horticultural and seed crop producers.
Crop Farmer
Crop farmers assist or manage farms that grow a wide variety of crops, including cereals, such as wheat, barley or maize; pulses, such as peas and beans; vegetable crops, such as potatoes, carrots and onions; and grasses for seed.
Dairy Farmer
Dairy farmers feed, care for and milk herds of cows on farms. They aim to get the cows to produce as much high-quality milk as possible, cost-effectively.
Environmental Scientist
Environmental scientists study the environment, and provide advice to avoid or reduce harmful effects on the environment.
Farm Consultant
Farm consultants help farmers develop their knowledge of soils, crops and livestock, to improve the health, quality and yield of livestock in a sustainable way. They also assist farmers with developing their financial and business management skills to increase farm profitability and growth.
Farm Hand
Farm Hand assist in a variety of duties concerned with the breeding, raising and care of livestock, the growing of crops and other farming activities.
Farmer/Farm Manager
Farmers/farm managers are responsible for the planning and day-to-day management of farms. Farmers own the land they farm, while farm managers manage farms for farm owners.
Fencers construct and repair fences, walls and gates.
Grain and Seed Agent
Grain and seed agents sell grain, seeds, fertiliser, chemicals, farming supplies and crops to farmers. They also advise farmers on farming matters, assist in harvesting and arrange the sale of farmers' produce.
Heavy Truck Driver
Heavy truck drivers drive trucks with or without trailers. They transport materials, livestock, machinery, liquids, general freight, and sometimes hazardous substances.
Hunters and trappers find and catch or shoot animals for food, pelts (skins), fur, research or to remove pests.
Livestock Agent
Livestock agents arrange the buying and selling of livestock for slaughter or farming. They also give farmers advice on livestock, farming supplies and livestock market trends.
Meat Inspector
Meat inspectors ensure that animal meat products are fit for human consumption through the investigation and examination of animals, animal carcasses and animal parts.
Meat Processor
Meat processors carry out a variety of tasks in the processing of animals for local and overseas markets. The animals processed may include sheep, cattle, deer, pigs and goats.
Pig Farmer
Pig farmers manage and oversee the day-to-day running of pig farms, which breed and raise pigs for the production of meat and breeding stock.
Poultry Farmer
Poultry farmers manage farms that raise chickens or other poultry to produce meat, and/or keep hens to produce table eggs (for eating) or fertile eggs (for hatching).
Shearers cut the wool from sheep with electric clippers (hand-pieces) or manual clippers (blades).
Shearing Contractor
Shearing contractors are employed by farmers to shear animals (usually sheep) and organise the shearing gang.
Soil Scientist
Soil scientists study soils, including soil types and processes, and the implications of soil use.
Spraying Contractor
Spraying contractors enter into contracts with clients to spray plants or land with chemicals that help or prevent growth of weeds, crops and other plants.
Veterinarians treat sick and injured animals, provide general animal care, and advise clients about health care and disease prevention for pets and farm (production) animals. They also set standards for the import and export of animals and animal products and work in other related areas.
Veterinary Nurse
Veterinary nurses help in the examination, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals. They also interact with clients and perform receptionist duties.
Wool Buyer (Export)
Export wool buyers assess and value wool sold by farmers through merchant and country wool buyers, and auctions. They are responsible for purchasing wool that meets the specifications of their clients.
Wool Buyer (Merchant)
Merchant wool buyers collect, assess and value wool being sold by farmers.
Wool Classer
Wool classers sort wool into categories according to breed, age, colour, length and micron (fibre thickness), ensure contamination is removed from wool, and complete identification and documentation prior to sale.
Wool Handler
Wool handlers pick up and sort the wool in a shearing shed.
Wool Presser
Wool pressers press wool into bales using their legs and feet and a wool-pressing machine.

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