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Fencers construct and repair fences, walls and gates.


Tasks & duties

Fencers may do some or all of the following:

  • discuss fencing needs with their customers
  • estimate and quote prices for their customers
  • lay out fence lines
  • dig fence post holes and position posts
  • fill the holes with concrete or soil
  • cut and construct fences with boards, wire, chain links, posts or other materials
  • put together gates and hang them in position
  • build barriers, security fences, retaining walls, vineyard trellises, and other types of fences and walls
  • run their own businesses


Skills & knowledge

Fencers need to have:

  • knowledge of fencing materials, fencing designs and styles
  • knowledge of costing methods and business management
  • knowledge of safe methods of work
  • knowledge of how to use power tools and machinery
  • practical skills for putting together fences and digging holes
  • basic maths skills
  • some organisational skills


Entry requirements

There are no specific requirements to become a fencer but a National Certificate in Fencing is recommended. Some employers may offer apprenticeships so that you can earn a certificate while working.

Agriculture ITO website - information on the National Certificate in Fencing Level 2 and 3


Training on the job

Skills are mainly gained on the job, on short courses, and through fencing competitions, such as the Golden Pliers.



Fencing contractors may choose to be members of the Fencing Contractors Association of New Zealand, and seek registration. Members can buy discounted fencing products through buying groups and use the association's logo in their advertising once registered. Registration is seen as a way to attract staff and lift standards in the occupation. 


Useful experience

Work involving physical labour is useful. Experience in the building industry, farming or work with hand tools or welding equipment can also be helpful. Many fencers start their career as casual labourers on fencing crews as a way of getting experience.


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