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Māori or Te Reo Māori, commonly shortened to Te Reo (literally the language) is one of three official languages of New Zealand, the others being English and New Zealand Sign Language. Most government departments and agencies now have bilingual names, for example, the Department of Internal Affairs is known as Te Tari Taiwhenua, and bodies such as local government offices and public libraries also have bilingual signs. New Zealand Post recognises Māori place names in postal addresses.
Pronunciation / Whakahua
There are five vowels and ten consonant sounds in the Māori alphabet
100 words in Te Reo Māori
These words are grouped according to the following functions and associations:
Word Groupings
These words are grouped in relationship to everyday events.
English to Māori
This is a list of some usefull words and phrases.
Māori to English
This is a list of some usefull words and phrases.
Here are other links and points of reference, to assist you in your study.

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