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Basic Math Definitions
In math problems there are many ways of saying the same thing. We have collected some of them here.
Equal, Greater or Less Than
As well as the familiar equals sign (=) it is also very useful to show if something is not equal to (≠) greater than (>) or less than (<)
In this section we have a look at numbers – Integers, Even and Odd numbers, Decimal Places, Prime Numbers, Rounding Numbers, Cardinal, Ordinal, Nominal Numbers, and Roman Numerals.
Here we have a look at Clocks, Time and Adding and Subtracting Time.
The Times Tables
Here we have a look at the Times Tables, a must for maths, just as our abc’s are a must for English.
Multiplication and Division
Here it is division, or tables in reverse.
Now we look at all the things you can do with fractions, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide and Convert to Decimals.
Percentages and Ratios
Here we use Fractions, to have a look a Percentages and Ratios.
Here we briefly cover the following Angles, Right, Acute, Obtuse, Reflex, Angles on One Side of a line and Angles around a Point.
In this section we have a look at, the Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication and Division of decimals.
We look at Triangles, 2-D Shapes, Area and Volume of Shapes.
Here we have a look at Algebra.
We now look at square Roots, Powers and Exponents.
Here are other links and points of reference, to assist you in your study.

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