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Wool Handler

Wool handlers pick up and sort the wool in a shearing shed.


Tasks & duties

Wool handlers may do some or all of the following:

  • pick up fleeces from shorn sheep
  • separate and remove short wool from fleeces
  • prepare wool for sale by separating it into different grades or lines
  • follow instructions from farmers and shearers
  • instruct junior handlers on wool-handling techniques
  • sweep the floor after each sheep is shorn and keep the board (the floor on which the shearers work) tidy at all times


Skills & knowledge

Wool handlers need to have:

  • practical skills
  • knowledge of fleece handling
  • knowledge of different grades and types of wool
  • knowledge of what faults, debris and other contamination should be removed or separated from each fleece


Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to become a wool handler, although some employers prefer their employees to have completed a woolhandling certificate.


Training on the job

Most wool handling skills are gained on the job. Annual woolhandling competitions offer further opportunities to improve handling skills and to learn from other handlers by watching them work.

Wool handlers can also complete woolhandling certificate courses on the job with Tectra Ltd, the preferred wool harvesting training provider for the Agriculture Industry Training Organisation.


Useful experience

Any farm work or experience with animals is useful for woolhandlers.



Wool Harvesting

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