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Grain and Seed Agent

Grain and seed agents sell grain, seeds, fertiliser, chemicals, farming supplies and crops to farmers. They also advise farmers on farming matters, assist in harvesting and arrange the sale of farmers' produce.


Tasks & duties

Grain and seed agents may do some or all of the following:

  • supply seeds, grain, sprays and fertilisers to farmers
  • advise farmers on pasture and crop varieties, the planning and rotation of crops, and how to plant and harvest crops
  • advise farmers on weed and pest control, and fertiliser use
  • organise the harvesting of crops
  • blend seeds
  • buy harvested crops from farmers or seed and grain wholesalers
  • sell harvested crops
  • keep records of sales and orders
  • promote company services


Skills & knowledge

Grain and seed agents need to have:

  • knowledge of grain and seed varieties
  • knowledge of planting and harvesting methods
  • knowledge of grain diseases
  • knowledge of weed and pest control
  • knowledge of competitors' prices and services
  • knowledge of weather conditions, soil types and fertiliser requirements
  • good communication and people skills
  • sales skills
  • problem-solving skills
  • organisational and record-keeping skills
  • basic computer skills


Entry requirements

There are no specific entry requirements to become a grain and seed agent but a tertiary qualification, such as a diploma or degree in agriculture, horticulture, commerce or farm management is preferred by most employers.


Secondary education

A tertiary entrance qualification is needed to enter further training. Useful subjects include Bursary or NCEA equivalent biology, maths with calculus and/or statistics, and accounting.


Training on the job

Many skills are learned on the job. Training courses are often provided by stock and station companies and suppliers.


Useful experience

Useful experience for grain and seed agents includes:

  • farming or horticulture work
  • buying and selling agriculture products
  • work as a sales representative
  • harvest contracting work
  • grain milling or processing work


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