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Spraying Contractor

Spraying contractors enter into contracts with clients to spray plants or land with chemicals that help or prevent growth of weeds, crops and other plants.


Tasks & duties

Spraying contractors may do some or all of the following:

  • consult with clients and decide which chemicals to use
  • inspect the area to be sprayed
  • tell neighbours that spraying is about to take place
  • use an aeroplane, helicopter, truck, tractor, knapsack, or hand-held equipment to spray paddocks, orchards and brush weeds
  • clean, maintain and adjust equipment
  • ensure chemicals and empty chemical containers are safely stored or disposed of
  • organise and supervise employees


Skills & knowledge

Spraying contractors need to have:

  • knowledge of chemicals, poisons, fertilisers, weeds, pests, and pest control
  • knowledge of regional council plans and by-laws
  • understanding of health and safety regulations around applying chemicals
  • knowledge of how to care for and maintain spraying machinery and equipment
  • business management skills
  • ability to interpret  basic weather information
  • excellent planning and organisational skills
  • communication skills
  • driving skills
  • the ability to make calculations for mixing chemicals


Entry requirements

To become a spraying contractor it is recommended you complete a National Certificate in Agrichemical Application through InfraTrain NZ (the infrastructure ITO).

Spraying contractors must also be registered with Growsafe.



Secondary education

There are no specific secondary education requirements, but English and maths are useful.


Training on the job

Spraying contractors learn most skills on the job.

The National Certificate in Agrichemical Application involves practical components, which can be done at work under the supervision of an employer. The theoretical training can be done by distance learning or by taking a course.



Ground and aerial spraying contractors need to complete a Growsafe registration programme.


Useful experience

Useful experience for spraying contractors includes:

  • any type of agricultural or horticultural work
  • mechanical work
  • work for parks and reserves
  • work for city or regional council departments


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