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Farm Consultant

Farm consultants help farmers develop their knowledge of soils, crops and livestock, to improve the health, quality and yield of livestock in a sustainable way. They also assist farmers with developing their financial and business management skills to increase farm profitability and growth.


Tasks & duties

Farm consultants may do some or all of the following:

  • visit farmers regularly
  • give advice on financial and business planning and farm management
  • provide farmers with decision-making support
  • help farmers set business goals
  • set and monitor budgets, cash flow and production targets
  • take samples for soil and herbage testing
  • advise on fertiliser use
  • research information requested by farmers
  • keep in contact with clients
  • run training and seminars on a variety of farm management topics
  • supervise properties on behalf of absent owners
  • set up lease agreements
  • purchase supplies, such as fertiliser, for farmers
  • negotiate employment of staff
  • resolve and mediate disputes between farmers and sharemilkers or employees
  • act as an advocate for farmers or farmer groups
  • organise stock to be sold
  • negotiate prices for meat processing plants



Most farm consultants specialise in one area of farming such as dairy, sheep or beef farming.


Skills & knowledge

Farm consultants need to have:

  • knowledge of different farm types and how they work
  • knowledge of farm management
  • understanding of agricultural production methods and how to apply these to real-life situations
  • good people and communication skills, including listening and public speaking skills
  • negotiation skills
  • time management skills
  • financial and budgeting skills
  • decision-making skills
  • analytical skills


Entry requirements

To become a farm consultant it is preferable you have a tertiary qualification in agricultural science, commerce, or management.


Secondary education

A tertiary entrance qualification is needed to enter further training. Useful subjects include science, biology and maths to Sixth Form Certificate, Bursary or NCEA equivalent level.


Training on the job

Many skills are gained on the job. Farm consultants may attend agricultural training courses and conferences to keep up to date with developments in the agriculture industry.


Useful experience

Useful experience for farm consultants includes any farm or stock work, especially farm or herd management.



Rural Servicing

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