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Wool Buyer (Merchant)

Merchant wool buyers collect, assess and value wool being sold by farmers.


Tasks & duties

Merchant wool buyers:

  • evaluate wool samples by determining colour, yield (amount of actual wool in a sample without water, grease and dirt), micron (thickness) and length
  • weigh samples, write dockets and put the wool in correct stacks and bins
  • write details on a quote sheet and determine the wool price
  • telephone wool growers with confirmation of prices
  • return to farms to collect the bales
  • send invoices to the wool grower and main office (if employed by a company)
  • may go to farms to do clean ups (collect odd bits of wool at farmer's sheds)
  • may prepare an audit of accounts


Skills & knowledge

Merchant wool buyers need to have:

  • skill in evaluating wool to appraise it according to colour, micron and length
  • knowledge of wool classification
  • knowledge of sheep breeds
  • knowledge of the local farming area
  • an understanding of the wool market, and up-to-date knowledge of market prices and trends
  • organisational skills
  • communication skills
  • basic accounting skills


Entry requirements

There are no specific requirements to become a merchant wool buyer, although a relevant national certificate course is preferred and a wool classing ticket may be needed. For further information contact the Agriculture Industry Training Organisation or Tectra Ltd.

You also need to have a current driver's licence.


Training on the job

Skills are gained on the job. Merchant wool buyers may also attend courses to keep up to date with industry trends and information.


Useful experience

Useful experience for merchant wool buyers includes work as a shearer, wool handler or wool classer. Farming experience can also be helpful.


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For more information, please refer to Career Services.

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